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Hi everyone I was wondering if you could help me with choosing an adequate motherboard for the supercomputer i am making solely for recording and music production. My budget is not endless £2000-3000 for the whole computer.
Intel BX80619I73930K Core i7-3930K 6-Core Processor (3.2GHz (3.8GHz Turbo), Socket 2011, 12MB L3 Cache, Turbo Boost 2.0)

I have also opted to go for 64 gb ram so the computer lasts the test of time. I gather from my very small amount of knowledge on the subject this means i need a 64 bit operating system.

Obviously for this pc im going to have to buy a high quality sound card, I havent chosen one yet. Any recommendation?

I couldnt care less about the graphics card

Im looking at installing about 4000gb of storage maybe a 1000 ssd if i can afford it.

And i need as many USB sockets as possible.

I also need to have more than one LCD monitor. (dont know if this is related to the motherboard in any way)

im going to need a cd/dvd drive as well( obviously)

Know this is a lot of information to take on board but even if you cant suggest me a motherboard any chance you can point me vaguely in the right direction, With a motherboard i dont even know where to start

Many thanks

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  1. i look into a server mb and use two intel server chips. (More cores are better for muilty tasking). you may be better off putting your os in a pc case and use a network storage device for the backup of music. if you use the right device you can add to it as you need more storage. a ati video card will do more then one monitor you just need the right cables. most nvidia cards can do two montors. some mb you can turn on the onboard ipgpu and have another video output. a lot of people drop in a usb pci cards that have 4-8 ports.
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