Problem with QUADRO NVIDIA 295x16

I have an application which uses DXVA-HD and DXVA-VP for composing multiple videos on the screen.I am using nvidia graphics card.When I am using DXVA-VP video gets rendered properly.But when I use DXVA-HD I see transparent patches on video.This is not observed when Intel graphics card is used.Nvidia card used is NVIDIA QUADRO 295x16
Please help me on this.
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  1. And why do you use DirectX acceleration with an OpenGL acceleration card?
  2. Hi Pepe,
    Do you mean that we can not use NVIDIA QUADRO 295 with DirectX acceleration ????? I have seen the specification of this card and DirectX support is mentioned there.Please let me know if you have some input on that.
  3. It's like that:
    Every program as you know have bugs. When it reaches a beta status it is submitted for testing /usualy done by external contractors on their own platforms/ and these tests reveal bugs, which are being corrected. But these tests are more or less limited on number and time /also price/ and mostly concentrated on common situations for the particular software. And just nobody will test a specificaly DX oriented acceleration on specificly OpenGL oriented accelerators. And vice versa. So - the chance there to be bugs and incompatibilities unrevealed is considerably larger.
    Just nobody is supposed to buy this hardware to accelerate this software.
    But you may report the problem to the software manufacturers, they may correct it in the future versions.
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