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Just updated ( yes, the person I did it for is very cheap and foolish) a Micron Millenia PC from 2002. I updated to Widows 7 and installed anew 250G IDE HD. It has an Intel mobo D845BG. Can't find any more info on the actual PC only a serial # 3162620-0001 which does not help. Has P4 Northwood 478 mPGA 2G CPU, 2G memory DDR PC2700. It runs window 7 (pretty slow) but problem is CPU and case fan run at full speed. Cannot access speeds in the BIOS and SPEEDFAN seems to load and sense the speeds and temps but will not adjust the speeds either manually or auto. Does anyone know if SPEEDFAN supports this mobo. When I go to Intel site it says 845 chipset not supported in Windows7 & Tried downloading Intel software but PC will not run it saying incompatible. Any ideas to fix this appreciated. If he cant live with the noise can I get a small fan controller to adjust speeds of the case fan ( forgot the case fan is 3 pin plugged into mobo) and CPU fan, Thanks.
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  1. With something this old it would be better to get a fan controller rather then try and get the bios to cooperate. you could do a bios update if you could find one.
  2. I figured that. I already spent too much time with this but if I can't figure out a problem it bothers me until I find a solution but I may throw in the towel on this. I think I may just tell him if it is too loud for him pay the 5 or 10 dollars and install it for him. Doing the job for free for a friends father but I have had enough. I told him to toss it and get a cheap PC at Staples but he would not listen!
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    I agree with finding a solution to a problem , it will bug me untill I find the answer but sometimes there actually is no answer and you just have to accept that and move on. They would be so much better off just getting an inexpensive comuter and have everything working the way it should.
  4. Tried the bios update, still no fan control. Time to move on. Thanks for all your answers.
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