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Will a radeon hd 6770 fit in a microtower case?

This is my computer. I have two other threads about different graphics cards, and people said it would fit in my case. I am a bit worried though because I just noticed the word Microtower on the specs.
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    It all depends on the space between the back of the case, and the HDD bays inside.

    Some cases have the HDD bays mounted specially higher or lower to avoid this. Every case has different dimensions and interior layout. The only way to guarantee is a fit is to check the length of the GPU and then check the case specification on the manufacturers website.

    If your still unsure, email the manufacturer and say something like:
    "Im looking to purchase this case and will be using it with a ATI 6770 graphics card that is XXcm long, will this card fit without needing to modify the case in any way?"

    And just see what response you get :) Most manufacturers are happy to help since your buying one of their products.
  2. Thank you for responding, but does anybody else know more about my exact case to know if it will fit?
  3. The best thing you can do is open your case and measure the distance from rear panel to see how far you have. It's a lot easier than looking on the internet and trying to compare dimensions and hoping that the manufacturers measured what you're looking for.
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