What PSU to get?


I'm building a custom pc and i need advice on what psu to get just nothing above 90-100$ :D


CPU: Intel i5-2500 3.3GHz Sandy Bridge
MB: ASrock H61M-VS
RAM: Kingston ValueRAM DDR3 2x2Gb kit
GPU: Asus GTX 560 Ti DirectCU II 1024Mb
HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 500Gb (HD502HJ)
Case: Antec Three Hundred ;)

I'm also going to have a simple optical drive but not going to use it a lot, 2-4 USB devices. It would also be nice if the PSU could live for about 5 years and it would run silent.

Thank you for helping! :)
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  1. a 600 watts should be good enough

    Corsair 600watts

    It's only 60 dollars.


    An OCZ modstream 600watts


    $50 dollars.

    Both are great PSUs.
  2. hmm... the CX600 seems to have many bad reviews and the OCZ is said to be very noisy. Maybe any other suggestions? Maybe spend some extra money and get a TX650V2?
  3. suggestion on your vid card...save some money on the 560ti, and go with the 560. the 560 has every bit of OC potential, and with msi afterburner, you can tune it to around the 900MHz speed every time. Mine is running stable at 950MHz, and not even breaking a sweat. Everything else looks good, and like ervinelim said, both those psu's should be great additions. i would prefer to see you choose corsair, but ocz is a great company too.

    ps - nice processor ervinelim!

    Cooler Master HAFX
    Phenom IIx4 955BE (OC'd to 4.0GHz)
    Zalman 9900 Copper HSF
    Arctic Silver MX-2
    Kingston HYPER X 8GB (2x4) (stock said 1600, runs at 1444)
    ASUS Sabertooth 990fx MoBo
    ASUS GTX560 (OC'd to 950MHz)
    Hitachi 1.5TB 7200RPM 64Mb cache
    Corsair HX750 80 PLUS Silver Certified
  4. Payne2109 said:
    hmm... the CX600 seems to have many bad reviews and the OCZ is said to be very noisy. Maybe any other suggestions? Maybe spend some extra money and get a TX650V2?

    Sure, A 650watts is good too.
  5. casualbuilder said:

    ps - nice processor ervinelim!

    hey thanks ^_^! I haven't bought it yet but I will soon enough!
  6. geekapproved said:

    Wow, Great PSU. Definitely should get this.
  7. The Earthwatt 650 is just an average PSU, not a great one. I'd recommend Seasonic or PC Power and Cooling.
  8. i do like antec, but i would be fishy of any power supply that adds the adjective "green" to their product. Energy efficiency should be regulated by their Bronze, Silver, Gold Certifications imo. Just like any other consumer product out there, Green is a marketing ploy to attract uneducated people to buy their crap.

    Again, antec is a GREAT psu manufacturer, so don't let me dissuade you. I think you could go with a better CERTIFICATION though if money isn't as much as an issue, and get either an antec, corsair, ocz, or even a brand like xfx or silverstone.
  9. The original (80+) EA-650 was only good but not great, but this is the new 80+ bronze one, and is better. I'd use one without hesitation, or the Seasonic jet-21 linked.
    If you want quiet, you'll spend a little more, but an 80+ gold Seasonic X-560 does not run its fan on low-moderate loads. It also has modular cabling, which is nice. That is what I have, powering a GTX560Ti myself (click into my profile for the full specs if you care).
  10. The Antec 650w is a great deal at $45, you can't beat it. My 380w Earthwatts is made by Seasonic, but the 650w is a Delta, which is a reputable oem.
  11. Delta built the Signatures, so yeah they're a good OEM.
  12. Delta is considered average, not high quality.
  13. ...but the Signatures were the best consumer PSUs you could buy when they came out. Delta builds for a lot of people (including Dell), but are capable of some excellent units.
  14. If I am not mistaken, some corsair psu's (cx & gs) is built by delta or cwt, but the corsair golds are based on the seasonic golds. Cwt & delta both have good and crappy psu's. So I cannot recomened it as a whole but some are a bit good. Like the chieftec nitro 750, it was reviewed here at toms and it was ok, it was made by cwt. As for corsair i would say from lowest to highest would be ... Cx, gs, tx, hx & ax. I would still suggest seasonics, i have 4 of them and the are rock solid
  15. Delta makes psu's for hundreds of companies, including Dell, Corsair, Antec, etc.

    The Earthwatts made my Delta offer the same warranty as the ones made by Seasonic.
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