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Hi all,
I am having trouble with my pc and have just about run out of ideas on how to fix this. During the past few weeks I have noticed small hiccups while gaming. A few days ago gameplay within Modern Warfare 3 became nearly unplayable due to all the video lag. I have also noticed that while restarting sometimes I would get nothing but a black screen. A manual shutdown and reboot seemed to solve this.

I figured this was my video card dying (ati radeon 5770). I went out and got a 6850. Right before I was about to put in the card I went to uninstall my graphics driver for my 5770. I was met with another black screen and had to manually shut down. I didn't think this would matter since I would be putting in a new card anyways. After putting in the new card and turning on my pc, I get just the black screen. No windows startup screen, nothing. No beeps coming from pc either.

I opened the case and turned it on. Card is running properly along with every fan, etc. Just a black screen. I should note that my pc has been idling and running at fine temperatures the entire time. I put my old card back in and I was able to see a windows startup screen but then it turns black. I tried safe mode and again it goes black.

I tried the new card again and absolutely nothing but my pc turning on and a black screen. At this point I am clueless and have no idea what to do or even try. Sorry about the long post but I would appreciate any and all suggestions. This is a custom build asus 790x mb, amd 955 quad core processor, 4 gb g skill ram, antec 650w power supply on windows 7. Thank you for all input!

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  1. Next time you boot up, try pressing f6 to get into windows safe mode. Then see if you can use windows "system restore" feature. Start>computer>system properties>system protection>system restore. If not, you may have to do a format and fresh install of windows 7. Did you connect the power supply lead to your video card?
  2. It seems like a gamble on how far I can get before a black screen. Would a format even be worth it though? I mean the video card I just bought won't even get me past a black screen. It makes no sense to me at all as to what is causing this.
  3. Yes the power supply is connected to the card the same way it was to my old card. At least I can see a booting screen with the old card, though it is short lived til I see the black screen.
  4. I was going to suggest a bios flash, but it's too risky the way your system is behaving. I would request an rma from asus.
  5. Ah I just saw your edit. Well this system was built I believe a year and a half ago. You think its a problem with my mother board?
  6. Could be the board or the power supply. But try each ram stick one at a time; I've seen bad ram slots cause a no post situation also. I also recommend you leave your setup alone once it's working. Too many folks have a touchy feely tendency with their systems. I worked at dell several times handling computer components. I always had an esd strap when handling the board, cpu, or ram. Once it's running well again, leave it alone.
  7. I'm still stuck. With the old card in, windows tells me I can search for repairs or start normally. If I start normally I'm able to get to my desktop and then it black screens. If i go for repairs, it says I can use system restore or not. Both options lead to a black screen. The ram was fine when testing in other slots. Does anybody know how to fix this? :(
  8. use memtest to test ram without booting to window

    but it seems to be a psu problem, try it with another psu (friends psu)
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