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hello friends
i have recently unlocked my amd phenom 2 x2 550 BE now its a b50 quad core i would like to know what are the overall performance gain i am seeing four cores it makes me happy but what is the overall gain that i would get out of quad over dual core .i have seen core i5 that has four cores and four threads core speed similar to my phenom b50 so can i get the similar performance out of it i am waiting for responses .
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  1. your chip (and my chip) dont stand up against a i5 2500... its just superior in pretty much every way
  2. 45nm ph2 is around 32nm 2500
    no way
    it is far behind
  3. I would have unlocked to an X3 and then ranked up the multipler and fsb.

    Would give you better results than just enabling the 2 extra cores.

    As he said, no AMD can really match an i5-2500.
  4. Depends on your uses. With a single high end video card, the P2 is going to throw the same exact framerates as a i5 in 8 out of 10 games because the gpu is the bottleneck before the cpu.

    The exception being mostly MMO's.
  5. i would like to know to why is core i5 with four cores superior not only than phenom but also amd fx 8 core why gamers mad about it please explain why thats so and also why people even discard eightcore amd fx and say its crap before core i5 why its so . where does my amd phenom b50 stands is there any quad cpu to compare with.
  6. I'm not sure what clock speed your Phenom II X2 unlocked is but it compares exactly to that clock speed of a Phenom II X4. Intel processors it compares to would be the higher end Core2Quad processors, and if clock speed is high enough it can match a stock Core I5 750.
    We have been discussing this for a while now. It definitely gives a beter performance than stock but still it doesnt hold up to todays technology. But if you are just trying to get better performance with what you already have check out my links. They will tell you a lot. there is more than I pasted but those will get you very far.
  8. i am currently running b50 at stock speeds is it possible to overclock it to 4ghz or beyond and if it reaches to 4 ghz will it bypass core i5 2500 in performance .
  9. read the threads and they will give you all they info you ned to reach what you can but no it will not get as good as the i5
  10. i have seen phenom x2 550 unlocked x4 b50 users oc posts most of them had oc the clock to 3.8 in quad unlocked not more than that why its so does it mean phenom b50 cannot be oc to 4 ghz at most
  11. then you know what you must just know that the performance will never reach that of an i5 i7 sorry
  12. xtc28 said:
    then you know what you must just know that the performance will never reach that of an i5 i7 sorry
    ......on the condition that you have an AMD or Nvidia graphics card in your system in which case it will be shizen-hauzen!!!
  13. A lot of the software around today is not that savvy at using extra cores. The improvement you will most notice is in your computers ability to mufti-task so background processes will run more smoothly and faster without affecting the performance of the main task so much. AMD CPU's are very strong in this area so enjoy the two extra free cores.

    As for gaming. You will get best results by buying a faster graphics card.

    The graphic sub-system, is increasingly the integral component in overall system performance and is the real determining factor behind performance differences of systems, and should have a much higher weighting in system design than the CPU.

    That will apply even more so in the future.
  14. thanks friends for helping me
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