Can i install a better graphics card to a toshiba satelite pro c660 - 16n

I recently was sent a new laptop because my old one broke but the graphics card is terrible. my old one had ati raedon and it worked fine.

if i can install a new graphics card what would be a good one thats cheap and will it be easy to install?
and another thing would it be worth while?
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  1. Not in a laptop. There are external video options, though they won't be as good as internal.
  2. If you got that laptop through a warranty exchange, send it back. You should have gotten one with the same specs as your old one.
  3. Sorry but that particular model doesn't support a discrete graphics option. It comes with the basic Intel integrated graphics at that time (the 4500c if I remember right). There ARE laptops that you can change out the graphics on, but not this one.
  4. thanks for your input guys i might try sending it back :)
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