MSi MPower BigBang

So I've been around checking motherboards for my new PC (ETA October 3rd week/November 1st week)

I was choosing between

Sabertooth Z77
P8Z77 LK

now an new one arrived the MSI Mpower Bigbang

Since prices for everything except the LK is about the same, which motherboard would be a win/win for a Corei-7 3770k?
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    I will say that on sheer looks the MSI Mpower board looks absolutly awsome, there are a few unusual features and a lot of good ones. What I found unusual was the pci-e slots, there were three x16 and 4 x1 with one x16 @x16 and one x16 @x8 and one x16 @x4 so you do get SLI support. It has WI=fi and bluetooth and the one button overclock Genie plus THX sound chip. So the boards definetly loaded for $199.99 @ Newegg.

    Then there is the quality of the board and I had the Big Bang X-Power for the 1366 cpuand I found the board very thin and flimsy, it actually started to bend when I put a wter cooling block on it. Then overckock Genie button didn't work and the cpu socket actually started smoking so that was the end of that board. But that's my experience and doesn't mean it would happen to everybody.
    The Asus Sabertooth liiks like a solid board but doesn't have the features of the Mpower and costs more I guess your paying for the Tuf-Armor that is all over the board. Not sure if the board is worth the high price unless you like the Tuf-Armor.
    The Asus V-LK has similar features as the sabertooth for $100 less so it sounds like a bargan.
    The MSI GD-65 is very similar to the Mpower except no Wi-fi or bluetooth and is about $50 cheaper and has the overclock Genie , the THX sound and the super charger so this board might be the best bet. If you want Wi-fi and bluetooth you can get usb adaptors for them.

    $154.99 after rebate.
  2. It's not worth upgrading from what you currently have.
  3. Did you check my profile? The reason i'm building a new computer is that my sister needs a computer, I'm giving her my old one and buying myself a new one.

    @inzone I'm considering that factor of the bigbang board quality, I needa check it out before buying it thank you so much!
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