How to add a dlink wireless router to a usrobotics dsl router.

I have a US Robotics DSL router. It's ip is and it is a dhcp server set to give out addresses to I want to add a d-link wireless router as an access point to this. However I am struggling to get into the manual setup screens. Is this because the dlink has a default address of Please advise what I should do. I have tried different combinations of connecting the two routers: 1) wan port on dlink to lan port on USR, 2) lan on dlink to lan on USR, 3) wan on dlink to computer ethernet port combined with lan on dlink to lan on USR. In all cases, bringing up the web browser and trying to go to gives the message "internet explorer cannot display the web page". Please help.
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  1. See if this helps:

    If the USR is attached to a modem, disconnect it and restart it before setting up.
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