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Buy now or wait for ivy bridge

I am planning to get the ASUS ROG cg8565, and i now it runs on i7 2600k. so should I get it now or wait for the new ivy bridge processors? That is will the ivy bridge processors blow the i7 2600k out of the water?
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  1. i7-2600k and i5-2500k are both solid processors. There's really not much reason to wait around for IvyBridge. While it will provide some performance gains (or at least it's supposed to), its not going to be a great deal, especially when used with a discrete GPU.
  2. Not really.
  3. There is no reason to buy a Core i7 unless the programs you are using can take advantage of hyper threading. I don't expect much improvement in Ivy Bridge. I would save on average performance increase will likely be around 6% at the same clock speed.
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    i had the same question you ask and decided not to wait for ivy bridge now some z68 boards have pci-e 3.0--just put together a pc today with a 2600k in it

    and a generation 3 z68 board and 16gb ram--this will take an ivybridge cpu when they come out as far as i know

    and it has pci-e 3.0 support

    so far really impressed with it--came from an i7-920 at 4.2ghz and this is faster and much cooler

    idles at 19c with room temperature of 15c and highest temperature i have seen so far under normal use is 57c at 5ghz--i dont bother with prime95 if its stable during all the stuff i usually do then thats fine for me i dont need to torture test it

    using a corsair h80 to cool it--and the asus ai auto tune on extreme set it at 4.80ghz with a click of the mouse--10 minutes in the bios and its now at 5ghz
  5. From what i understand is that IB will provide a great improvement in the integrated graphics area, but is that improvement relevant at all since i'm planning to use a discrete graphics card?
  6. ^^^

    Nope. Once you insert a graphics card the integrated graphics core is automatically disabled. Perhaps with the right motherboard and 3rd party software you can use it to drive a 2nd monitor while you have a discrete graphics card installed.
  7. Anandtech's estimate is about a 60% performance improvement for the Intel HD 4000 compared to the Intel HD 3000. That makes the Intel HD 4000 approximately as powerful as the Radeon HD 5550. The Intel HD 3000 is equivalent to a Radeon HD 5450.
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