PC VGA to DMI to HDMI Monitor shows "No Signal" on LCD Monitor

PC VGA output to VGA- DMI adapter connected to DVI-HDMI cable to LCD Monitor shows "No HDMI Signal" on LCD Monitor. I have confirmed the following:

1. VGA - DVI adapter works from PC to DVI connection on LCD monitor

2. DVI- HDMI cable works from cable box & DVD player to LCD monitor

3. PC VGA output to LCD monitor VGA input works fine.

But LCD Monitor shows "no signal" when using the VGA - DMI adapter connected the DMI-HDMI cable. I've also checked out 2 different DVI - HDMI cables and confirmed both work properly when
connecting to either a cable box or DVD player.

So, all the cables, adapter, PC, and LCD monitor work, but not through the PC VGA output.
Does anyone have any suggestions on where I go from here?
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  1. Here is my guess: Your VGA output is analog, DVI cables support both analog and digital DVI, your LCD TV probably does as well, but analog DVI is not compatable with HDMI (which has an identical video signal to DVI-D). So the problem is the VGA output is analog, and while a DVI port can support both analong and digital, and HDMI can only support digital. That's all just a guess though.

    First what video card/pc do you have? Second why do you want to use HDMI if the DVI connection works?
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