MSI MS-670 2E Replacement

Hi Guys,

I've got two new hard drives 2TB and 3TB and need them working with my existing linux system but unfortunately, my current motherboard which is listed below doesn't recognize the drives. I want to replace the motherboard with something more modern and would like that to fit in with the existing CPU (AMD Athlon 3200+).

Can someone suggest me a motherboard that I can opt-in for.

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  1. Sorry, but Socket AM2/2+ boards are not for sale anymore, unless you can source one second-hand. Socket AM3 boards will not support your CPU since they are mechanically incompatible.

    Best option would probably be to get an entry-level AM3 board + CPU + DDR3 RAM. You could even go for the Socket FM1 APU with on-chip graphics.
  2. That's bad. What is the best entry level high performance board any specific models from ASUS etc. I need gigabit network and sata performance. This CPU will be a headless linux system. I want to keep the costs to a minimum.

  3. The options are legion; it depends on how much you are willing to spend. For starters, you can check the Asus website and sue the "Compare" feature to pick a few boards and compare their features. If you find a likely model, check your local retailer for prices.
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