Problem with first build.


So I recently built my first PC however I am encountering some problems running it.

First of all:

600w coolermaster psu

i5 2400

6770 1gb

gigabyte P67A-D3-B3

500gb 7200rpm western digital drive

4gb ddr3 1333 patriot ram

Even just after booting up, my computer is very slow. The w7 gadget or widget thing that measures cpu usage constantly has it between 50 and 100%.

What is wrong? Any help would be appreciated - thanks.
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  1. When you first install windows, it will start to index things for faster retrieval later. It does so with low priority tasks. Does the pc feel responsive to you?

    Open the task manager alt/cntl/delete and go to the performance tab and resource monitor. sort by cpu usage, and you should see what is using the cycles.
  2. I installed burnout paradise and I am getting 5-10fps... very annoyed. I haven't installed anything on it besides chrome, origin, steam, and burnout paradise. No idea what could be slowing it down.
  3. download and run cpu-z. Check to see if the multiplier is at 31 or better.

    What are your temperatures? Realtemp will tell.

    If you have not mounted your cpu cooler properly, the cpu temperature will rise, and the cpu will lower it's multiplier to protect itself.
    Pushpins are notoriously difficult to get on properly. With the pc shut down, try to wiggle it. Is it on solid? Are all 4 of the pushpins through the motherboard and locked?

    You have to look at the back of the motherboard to verify this.
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