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is there a for sure way to know if my ATI tv tuner card is defective, or there is another problem? is there some way to check it? the device manager does not recognize it either. i think i have tried everything suggested as far as driver updates and stuff, but my computer won't recognize the tuner. hate to just go buy another TV tuner card when this one was hardly used. i had it built into my Dell XPS rith VISTA 32bit when i bought the computer.
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  1. ATI TV Tuner card family 600/650 has a lot of software and hardware issues. ATI replaced my 650 3x... I stopped using it ~ 3 years ago and switched to Happauge 2250.

    ATI card came out at $149...W/ all the issue around it it can be had for $30. The good TV cards that came out at the same time frame like 2250 still sell for $149 or $129 on sale.
  2. @Sadeememe - Could you please tell us which ATI TV Tuner card you have?

    There are basically three types:
    1) ATI TV Wonder - Only available in Pre-Built systems and requires a cablecard from your cable company.

    2) ATI All-In-Wonder HD - This is a combination TV Tuner card and Graphics card built for Vista and Windows 7. It would only pick up over the air SD/HD channels and ClearQAM (unencrypted) channels from your cable provider.

    3) ATI All-In-Wonder (non-HD) - This is the same as the All-In-Wonder HD (sans the over the air HD), but the product line was dropped before Vista/7 really came about. It will only function as a TV Tuner when installed into a system running Windows XP.

    -Wolf sends
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