Help me choose a XFX nforce 750i SLI heatsink

hi there people, My mobo is running so nicely, except that it is overheating and that causes my OS to freeze, I know it because it happens when I close the side cover from the case and also when i touch the little green square (which says PCIe Express 2.0) it almost burns my finger.

I dismounted the motherboard and heat-sinks (all 4 tied together, the 2 squares, the one below the cpu and mosfet)) to clean and replace thermal paste (it was a disaster the way it was), and the computer was a lot better, but... I had to install a 120mm fan at a very strange (and it is noisy) spot so it can blow some air.

Computer did not freeze again, but now I need to take that fan away so I can use my PCI slots and calm that noise....
.. but I don't know which fan would be compatible with my mobo..

Would you please share some light here??

Thanks a lot, if there is something I should know before proceeding please inform me...
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  1. Does it freeze without the fan there and without the gpu in? cooling is nice but reducing load would be the thing that really reduces heat is what i'm thinkin'

    What are the temps? I know you said it almost burns your finger but giving a specific temp would be more useful to us. You can use a program like aida64 or HWmonitor to get temps.

    I would talk to xfx about this, it seems like a unique design so I really don't know what would fit it.

    (maybe its time to think about upgrading? the 775 socket is aging)
  2. I use HWmonitor but there is no north bridge or chipsets temps readings there...

    My other temps are fine cpu 50C, gpu 60C on load..

    I cannot upgrade, I do not need to upgrade and have no reason to upgrade now...

    thanks a lot

    anyone else??
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