CPU not booting back properly after reseting the power supply

Hey Guys,
My PC recently started getting slow and i removed all the components and replaced it again perfectly (100% sure!). But now when i try to switch it back on, every fan rotates but the DVD/Drive does not seem to be working.The Hard disk lights are on, but not detected in the BIOS. Some One pls help me out!!!! This is my only pc!!!! :(

>Intel DG31PR
>Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66 GHz
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  1. Have you tried resetting the bios to all defaults? See if that gets you going again.
  2. Why would you remove and re-seat all components? Because your PC was "slow"?.... that would not help AT ALL.....

    So, your PC boots to BIOS properly... but your issue is that you cannot detect the Hard Drive or DVD Drive????
  3. Hi,

    Check your cable on both ends (in dvd and mobo)

    If you pc still doesn't boot, you might want to check mobo ports for dust: it happend to me once.
  4. Back to basics, reset cmos

    Disconnect everything that you don't need to get a post, that includes hdds, dvds, memory, gpu.

    Yes I did say memory and gpu, as they will give you error beeps and then you know board and cpu is ok.

    Add 1 stick of ram, check for error beeps and then add gpu, and if all ok you should get a display.

    Now its a case of adding extra ram and devices one at a time until you hit a problem or it magically goes away.
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