First ever proposed build! help

Okay so I decided it would be cheaper and better for my knowledge to build my own computer. I want it to cope as a family PC aswell as being good for gaming, school work, etc. I want to know everything I need to buy to build the PC and this is what I have so far.

P.S. I havent chose a case yet, some recommendations for that aswell as possible modifications for the parts would be great! As you can tell I want the computer to be quiet, cheap, with high quality parts (hard to achieve :( )

Computer Part-----------------------Price £
ASRock Z68 Pro3--------------------89.36
Intel i5 2500k-----------------------166.14
Arctic Cooling
Freezer Xtreme----------------------25.50
Arctic Cooling
MX-4 Paste---------------------------2.42
Windows 7
Lite On Silent
DVD-RW----------------------------- 24.64
650W Alpine
Silent PSU---------------------------23.45
8GB Corsair
DDR3 RAM----------------------------35.93
Samsung 1TB
HDD OEM----------------------------45.95
2 x Sata data cable
(hdd + dvdrw)----------------------2 x 0.88


So far the total is £489.14

Seriously though if you think I am missing anything please tell me I dont wanna buy all this for it not to work D:

P.P.S. I havent chose a graphics card yet because the board should let me use integrated for a while and I can get a graphics card when its all sorted. (The GPU I have in mind is the Sapphire HD 6670)
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  1. Oh one more thing, I have the links to the exact amazon page for every item shown above so if you want me to give you the links just say so. (thats if your allowed to share links on this website?)
  2. The GPU is an important component to think about when choosing a PSU, but a 650W PSU should cover it easily. I would recommend getting at least a bronze/silver 80+ rated PSU (80% efficiency from 20-100% load).

    Also, the 6670 is a slightly underwhelming card for gaming, if that's a main use case for the setup. Probably better off with a hd 6850 or gtx 560.
  3. Please see the PSU guide linked in my sig.

    A 6670 or even 6770 is not going to use much power. You can use a quality 450W PSU, but not a junk 650W.
  4. Thanks for the reply Proximon, the database in the guide in your sig is broken at the minute so can you recommend any good efficiency brands?
  5. Okay so it wont let me edit my first post but what do you think about this power supply?

    OCZ 600W PSU 66.49
  6. plasmaz said:
    Okay so it wont let me edit my first post but what do you think about this power supply?

    OCZ 600W PSU 66.49

    Hey bro, you won't need that much power.

    Get this

    a 500watts is always recommended ^_^
  7. I intend to overclock in the future and have a decent graphics card, atleast the one in my first post. I would rather have the 600w because there is less chance of me needing to upgrade it in the future and there isn't a big difference in price anyway.

    I found a case which I think is suitable:

    It isn't too expensive and looks like it has decent cooling, also it should have plenty of room inside to move stuff around. It also comes with 2 installed fans which should help the air flow. What do you think to this case? The total price so far is £580.50 and I believe the only thing missing is a graphics card.
  8. If you like the looks of the case go for it :) and the PSU you linked is fine. I did see this one though that is quite a bit better:
    The actual 12V power is probably about the same as the OCZ 600W, and it will have a better warranty.
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