Dual screen problems through HDMI


Got dual screens working fine with ati hd 5750, 1 screen DVI and 1 VGA.

However, the card also got an HDMI connection, and I'd like to use that for the second screen, freeing up the VGA connection on my second monitor for my work laptop on work from home days.

However, the second monitor (which works fine VGA) doesn't detect anything through the HDMI connection on the card to the DisplayPort connection on the screen. The screen is an HP LA1905wg.

I got the latest catalyst.

Any ideas
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  1. To call to HP's support?
  2. I'm not sure you can use the HDMI slot and use another monitor. I have the same problem with my Nvidia 470's and 6950. If I use HDMI, I can't connect another monitor.
  3. i had the same problem, i believe that you can use vga nd hdmi or vga and dvi but not hdmi and dvi, thats how my mobo works?
  4. you can't use the HDMI and DVI at the same time. I think it is one digital and one analogue port.

    HDMI and DVI are probably tied together. If you have a high end card, then you would have two DVI and an HDMI
    either hdmi and vga or dvi and vga will most likely be your only options
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