21" Philips or 19" Sony

Hi, can someone tell me whats the better choice between Philips 21" 201B CRT and Sony 19" CDP-G420 FD-Trinitron.

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  1. From experience... Neither.

    Look in to NEC, KDS and Viewsonic... avoid the "shadow mask" picture tubes (Trinitron, Diamontron) and you'll be a whole lot happier.

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  2. Trinitron and Diamondtron are Apature grill Tubes not shadow mask tubes.

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  3. Why should you avoid shadow mask?

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  4. I did it again didn't I? :smile:

    I meant the "aperture grill" ones... with those two super annoying lines on them. I got the brand names right, at least.

    --->It ain't better if it don't work<---
  5. Yeah I know...

    For some reason I've been doing this a lot lately.

    --->It ain't better if it don't work<---
  6. those two lines don't bother me i havn't even noticed them for the last month or so!!!!!

    the only thing is if you get the Philips (i have a philips 109P flatscreen crt) make damn sure that it has been adjusted professionally to your resolution and refresh rates.

    coz mine had a convergence problem, which was basicly fixed by 3 phonecalls, a replacement monitor and a professional adjustment.

    ha ha ha but philips payed for all of that!!
    becasue i had a 3 year warentee.

    i would just say to check it out before getting a box shiped to your door!!

    but since the adjustments i have been very happy with it running at 1600x1200 @ 85Hz
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