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I have a new build with Win 7 64 bit. I am using Autocad 2007 with an HP Designjet 750C+ plotter. I have been having problems with the way the plotter handles OLE objects, primarily OLE Excel files. The text on the spreadsheets plots in very dark "objects" that can't be read. The text does not plot where the OLE shows on the print preview. It is offset to the right side, close to the edge of the drawing (D size sheet).

I previously used the plotter with Win XP 32 bit w/o any problems, even with Excel OLE files. If I change to a Win XP 64 bit OS, do you think that the plotter will work as it did when I was using the Win XP 32 bit OS? If I do load Win XP 64 bit, after removing Win 7 64 bit OS, will I have to reload the program files too?

If I have to go back to Win XP 32 bit, will the computer still "recognize" the 8 gig RAM in the new build, or will it default to less than 4 gig? Will the AMD 6-core CPU be able to work as well as it did with Win 7 64 bit?

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. you could check the compatibility with win 7 64 on microsoft for the designjet
  2. I know that HP doesn't support the plotter any more, so there are no drivers from HP. They want me to upgrade to a new plotter, which isn't cheap.
    When I add a printer on Win 7, it doesn't show the 750C+ on their list of printer devices which tells me there is no Microsoft patch.
    I will take another look at Microsoft's website and see.
    Thanks for your reply
  3. scout_03 said:
    you could check the compatibility with win 7 64 on microsoft for the designjet

    I did. It isn't compatible. I worked around it by substituting a different model plotter, but it doesn't plot Excel spreadsheets that are linked to my drawings.
    Thanks, anyway.
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