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Hey guys,

I just bought a ASUS Sabertooth Z77, and have a issue..
My memory is Kingston HyperX Grey DDR3 1600, and while I was looking at the memory compatibility, I notice I didn't see my RAM on there, but I did see the 4GB of my set, could I still use this set of RAM, or do I need to go out, and buy a different set of memory. Thanks.
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  1. Your memory will be absolutely fine so dont panic, stick it in, select correct timings in Bios and you are good to go :)

    PS, Nice Board, Ive got the same one :)
  2. The problem with a motherboards QVL is that they don't put all the menory that will actually work and they don't test all the memory either. They just put what they test and you'll notice that MB's have a capacity of 32gb and 64gb now and you never see those in the QVL. Almost every MB that I have bought did not ave the memory that I used in the QVL , it's very rare that you will get memory that won't work on a MB s long as you use the correct type. DDR3 , 1.5V OR 1.65V depending on the MB.
  3. Thanks guys! That's what I figured, I just needed an second opinion on it!
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