Should I reinstall Windows 7

I have a pretty recent Windows install from a Asus P6T (i920) with 6GM of Ram, and a Nvidia GTX580 installed on a OCZ VERTEX 3 MAX IOPS SATA III drive. It will be going to a new Asus P8Z68-V LX Intel Z68, Core™ i7-2600K, and 8GB of Ram. This upgrade will give me SATA III from SATA II for the drive.

Should I reinstall Windows from scratch or could I just connect the drive and boot up and let Windows (and myself) update everything?
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  1. Well, I would prefer a clean install, but I am going to say this change will probably update it's self and work fine, I guess there is no reason to not try it. If you have issues, then you can always do a fresh install.
  2. When you change the mobo, most of the time you will reformat your computer but ^
  3. I agree with you both. I'll give it a shot without the format and see how it goes. Thanks guys.
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