Will the asrock x79 extreme4-m work with a 3770k processor?

Hi There,

I am a bit of a noob ( A real noob :-) ) and this will be my first build and I have just bought the i7-3770k processor and I was give the asrock x79 extreme4-m board as a gift and after checking the asrock site under cpu support list I do not see the 3770k listed :-(

So am I correct in saying that the board won't work with the 3770k?

Thanks for your input guys

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  1. The 3770K is socket 1155. the X79 is socket 2011, so no it won't work.
  2. Thanks for your quick response geekapproved! So it's either a new mobo or a new processor right?

    If processor am I right in saying either the 3930k or the 3820k will work?

    If a new board then any of the z77 boards will work? For example the asrock Z77 Extreme4-M board will do?

    Again thanks a lot for your input geekapproved!!
  3. Yes.

    Personally I'd get a Z77 (recommend Asrock) and sell the X79.
  4. Thanks guys!! I have just put the board up for sale!!! If not the ASRock x77 Extreme4m what do you think of the Asus P8Z77-V Premium ?? Any good??
  5. Seriously? That Asus board is waaay expensive. It has wifi, thunderbolt and a built in ssd, you can't compare it with a $140 Asrock.
  6. Good point!! It is a little pricey!!

    But to be honest money isn't really a factor!
  7. You should have mentioned that in your first post, I would have told you to return/sell the 3770K and get a 3930K.

    However you never mentioned what your plan to use the pc for, so really can't suggest one over the other.
  8. Yeah you are right I should of mentioned it!

    I am a bit of noob at this so bare with me!!

    I now have the Asus mobo in my possession as well as the Asrock x79 board... So I could get the 3930k for the Asrock but I am a bit concerned of it's size and it's features for the 3930k :-)

    But then again it will do me just fine if I overclock the 3770k with the asus board but then from what I read if you overclock then you need to have watercooling??

    I don't know whether that is a new topic I need to create??

    And an update on my system: I am currently purchasing two 120 corsair force 3 ssd drives and I think I will raid them what do you think?? Not much performance gain I've heard?? That might also be another topic I need to create?? As I said I am new at this :-))
  9. You won't need watercooling for a decent overclock. I recommend a coolermaster hyper 212.

    Can't help you with the other questions cause I've never raided ssd's.
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