PSU without power cable?

Just bought an Antec 620W 620C continuous power supply off of Amazon, and it did not come with a cord that leads from the PSU to the wall socket. Was it supposed to come with one?
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  1. Yes they normally come with a standard cord. You can probably buy one locally if you don't have one from an old PSU that fits.
  2. Yeah I don't have one.. what kind of cord do I need? And where can I buy such a cord?

    Please excuse my noobishness. That's the last time I use Amazon for computer parts.
  3. Antec sells several models without the power cord, this is nice for those of us with 7 spares. It just needs a standard computer power cable like so

    You can find much cheaper ones than that, i just picked that one so you know what end to look for. The cheapest option would be to ask a tech savvy friend if they have a spare, i have way more power cords than i have devices at this point since every monitor and desktop and most power supplies you buy all come with one.
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