Fan connector connectivity issue with fan header on motherboard

I'm planning to install a Corsair Hydro Series H100 Dual Radiator which has a "3-Pin" connector on
ASUS's P8Z77-V Deluxe motherboard which has six 4-Pin fan headers.

Q:So, how to connect the Radiator's fan connector to the 4-Pin header?

Would I be needing 3-Pin to 4-Pin fan connectors to do that or is there any other way?
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  1. The three pin connector will fit into a 4 pin header no problem - it's just slightly offset.
  2. there are 4 pins viz.
    in order from left to right
    [1]CPU Fan PWM [2]CPU Fan In [3]CPU Fan PWR [4]GND

    So,which one of these configurations, the 3 pin fan connector should be installed from [1]-[2]-[3] or [2]-[3]-[4]?
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    They'll go into 2-3-4 but there is a plastic tab on the header and a channel on the 3 pin plug, it'll only fit one way so you really don't even need to know the PWM isn't connected. If you plug the 3 pin into the CPU_fan header, the motherboard may not like it and may declare a CPU fan failure (because it will know it cannot control the fan speed but will want to) but it might run fine also.
  4. So,in short, there's no need to worry,right?

    And suppose if I go with a 3-Pin to 4-Pin fan convertor and connect it to 4-Pin header...then will it work fine too?
  5. I wouldn't even bother with a converter unless your motherboard doesn't like having the three pin... I think you should be okay.
  6. Thanks! :)
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