Really confused... 2 motherboards not working?

Hi, I took apart my computer to reseat my heatsink and I think I handled the motherboard too roughly. Now it won't display anything on the monitor with both CPU red led and MEMOK red led on, but everything runs. I saw some sparks on the side of the graphics card where the HDMI port is connecting to the monitor and smelled something burnt. I thought it was the motherboard, so I bought a new one. The new motherboard turns everything on for 1 second then off. So, I'm really confused to what the hell's going on?? Did the new motherboard come broken? I'm thinking it's the PSU now...

Things it can't be because I tested them on another PC:
graphics card - really thought it was this since I saw sparks from it

THANK YOU for any responses :bounce:.
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  1. I would remove the video card and see if the computer will start and give you the code for a missing video card unless you have intergrated graphics which will let you start the computer up all the way and then you could see if it's the video card.
    Can you list what you have for parts? Motherboard , video card , cpu ram and power supply.
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