PC Down..won't post..RMA'd Mobo still nothing

Hey Guys,
My PC suddenly turned off. No BSOD, just cold blackness. I thought it was the mobo, RMA'd it and still have same problem with new one (maybe DOA?) Some component went down and IDk which. I know PSU is good, the mobo has built in LED's and they all light up. Tried the built in "on" switch on mobo, and nada. What is the next step in the food chain? What part would cause a complete...nothing?

ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme
G.Skill Trident 2x4GB
2x XFX6970
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  1. Start here please, follow these steps and don't blow them off.

    Lights are no indication of a working PSU. Does the PSU fan spin? Dos the CPU fan spin? Have you breadboarded?
  2. The PSU fan does not spin nor the h50 cpu cooler. Have not breadboarded...gotta go to work will try in 12hrs from now. The LED's I see are constantly lit on the mobo. Also there is an LED on the PSu itself. I'll try PSU in this PC later.... But I've connected all power hook-ups: main 24 pin, 8 pin CPU, 2 additional 4pins on mobo, all accessories plugged, case grounded. Would a bad PSU still bleed electricity to all those lights on the mobo? ...none of the case fans or lights, cpu cooler, or PSU respond to the power button. luckly the mobo has an on and reset switch built I can eliminate the cases buttons as a suspect.
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    Different rails. Those lights are just being powered by the +5VSB rail, so we do not know yet if the PSU is ever starting at all. I think you will find a simple PSU test linked in that checklist somewhere.
  4. Well, I tried the youtube linked PSU test exactly as shown. I put a paper clip in the green wire hole and the other to in a ground. My PSu has a huge boot that cant be removed so I paused the vid and counted the prongs he was using, also, I refered to the manuals diagram of the pins, to make sure I was in the right holes. I had everything disconnected but a sinlge fan. When I flipped the power, no fans, psu or auxillary. I could hear a high pitched whine coming from inside the PSU. So I guess I'll RMA the PSU.....should I leave this thread as "unanswered" until I have the PC up and running? I'm as sure that PSU is bad now as I was that the mobo was crapp 2 weeks ago:)
  5. Yep, it may loose it's flag before you get back to it so shoot me a PM if you need more help.
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  7. Just got off the phone with ANTEC, told him about paperclip test and the whine. He assured me that it was without uncertainty a bad PSU. Its gonna take them 2 weeks to mail a new one AFTER they recieve mine.....sigh...I don't like it, its too close to the release of BF3 for all this screwing around.
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