560ti Major Driver, and 3D issues.

Okay, so, my Nvidia Drivers crash A TON lately, I can't even play a game that is graphics intense, without the screen going black and the game stops responding.

Also, in most games, there are terrible graphics glitches all over the screen, where u can barely see whats going on.

I've had this setup working before, it ran just fine, its kinda out of the blue.

The only thing I've added is a Logitech G510 and A G700. So maybe that's my issue.

I'll randomly get an OpenGL error, as well.

So far I've tried new drivers, old drivers, Nvidia recommended drivers, tweakforce drivers, reboot.

Any other ideas.

I'm using the Palit 2GB versions.


Intel Core i7-960 @ 4.1GHz
12GB DDR3 2000
GTX 560ti @ 1000Mhz Core x2 SLi
500GB Sata 6GB/s
Raid0 x2
1000W PSU
3x 23\\\" LED Screens in Nvidia Surround
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  1. Probably a dumb question, but have you tried not having them clocked at 1000mhz?
  2. Yes I have, I have a stock profile and an OC'd profile, tried both, its okay now though cause guess what!

    I tried the other recommended driver by Nvidia, there was 2. Its the 275.33, works like a charm!
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