Inspirion 530 upgrade

Im looking to upgrade my inspirion 530's graphicss card and PSU my spcs are

Intel core 2 Duo @2.33
3gb RAM
windows vista 32bit

I was hoping if i can upgrade my 9800gt(1gb) to a SAPPHIRE 100315L Radeon HD 6850 1GB only problem is that idk if it would work with my 300w PSU so im wondering if i can upgrade and if so can i also upgrade my PSU and RAM??
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  1. for the RAM part your 3GB should be fine but if you want to use 4GB and above better of getting 64 bit OS. if you have 4GB ram plus gpu with 1GB memory with 32 bit OS most likely the system will only able to detect and use 3GB of RAM. for the power supply part you will definitely something better than 300w to power up your system with HD6850. also you might want to overclock your processor to eliminate the bottleneck effect but idk if your mobo able to do that because most OEM mobo doesn't have the advance option in the BIOS to OC the processor
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