Connecting a Dynex 32 inch TV into Radeon 6950, black screen, need help


I had just purchased a Dynex 32 inch TV (DX-32L220A12), as well as purchasing a typical HDMI cord. However, when I place the HDMI cord into the Radeon 6950 video card, the screen simply remains black.

When I restart the system with the HDMI cord in the Radeon slot, the TV will show the Microsoft 7 loading screen, but will go black and say "no signal" when it gets to the point of entering my password.

I've done everything under the sun that I can think of, including adjusting the resolution to the appropriate scale that the TV has indicated.

I've been researching for countless hours on what I can do to fix this, but it remains fruitless. Desperate for help.
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  1. Hi, it's been a while since your post, so hopefully you've already found the solution. I ran into the problem when I bought my HD 6850 a few months ago. It turns out that a certain range of ATI drivers don't work properly with Dynex TVs. You can boot up in safe mode and uninstall your current drivers, then log into regular windows, download the lastest drivers, and install them. The most recent ones work fine with my Dynex TV, so hopefully that fixes your problem.

    For more specifics, it seems that anything after the 11.1 drivers and before 11.6 will give me the same issue you're experiencing.
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