New Homebuilt Rig Randomly Freezes

So I recently invested a decent amount of money into a new rig to play some of this years more graphically demanding games :bounce:

I have had some issues with the new setup however.
I have experienced about 5-6 total crashes which require a reboot of my PC to circumnavigate.

The screen essentially freezes and the game locks up.
This has happened to me once while playing Red Orchestra 2, once while playing Human Revolution,
but also while playing less graphically intensive games... twice in Evil Genius (2004) once in Neverwinter Nights and once while playing Company of Heroes.

I'm a little confused, could some of my parts be defective? I'm certain everything was properly installed and that my drivers are all up to date.

Here are my specs:
MSI 880GM-E43 Micro
AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.40GHz
Ultra 750watt PSU

Cheers :S
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  1. Look in windows event viewer and see what warnings or critical errors are there.
    I had a problem similar while playing games online, the LAN crapped out several times. I thought it was video related untill I looked in Event View.

    Maybe this'll point you in the right direction.
  2. Thanks Gabe, but I couldnt find anying out of the ordinary in the event viewer.
    I'm starting to get a little concerned here, it froze both of my last 2 company of heroes games :S
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