Newly installed memory absent

I have a desktop homebrew, I've had for several years with a MSI K8NGM2 MB.

XP has been bogging down recently, running low on RAM. Right now simm1 has dualddr 512mb. I purchased a known good second, identical memory but no matter where I put it, it doesn't show up.
Either stick, by itself, works fine but when the second is added it doesn't show up in bios check or XP.

Why can't the system find the added memory??
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  1. When you said identical memory, is the mfg part# the same?
  2. With both sticks installed reset the bios with the jumper on the motherboard.
  3. Part numbers the same. Found the bios reset switch and rebooted and the system did find more memory, but only half. 256k.
  4. Look for an option in the bios called os install mode and make sure its disabled.
  5. No mode like that shown..
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