Is gigabyte G31M-es2c support ddr3 graphics card?

i want to change my graphics card which is DDR2-ati raedon 4650.....nw i m going to upgrade it.i wanna go with Sapphire HD6570 1GB DDR3 PCI Express Card
(Product id: 4984) Sapphire HD6570
Chipset - Radeon HD 6570
Interface - PCI Express 2.1 x16
Memory (MB) - 1024

is it good with my motherboard??plz let me know fast...
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  1. You have a pci-e slot, that means you can use any pci-e video card. Video card memory type has no bearing on compatability with mobo.

    Modern video cards have used DDR5 for years and years, I would suggest getting something with DDR5, not DDR3.
  2. I would recommend a 5670 w/DDR5, it would be faster.

    What cpu do you have?
  3. ah,actually my budget is low....which is aroung 7000tk.....which is probably 100$ in american currency..i have a intel processor...core 2 duo 2.93 GHz..thanks 4 ur kind information
  4. Yeah well the 5670 w/ddr5 would be faster and cheaper than a 6570.

    5670 w/ddr5 is about $47-60 US dollars with various rebates.

    Yes I know your not in the USA. Just for comparison purposes.
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