I think my motherboard is dead.

I just set up my new build(first build) , but I think the motherboard is dead. Or at least the onboard video might be. It's an A-Bit AN-M2 motherboard. When I turn it on the fans are on, I can hear the hard drive is on, and the optical drive opens and closes. However, my monitor isn't displaying anything. I've tried resetting the Bios by removing and putting back the CMOS jumper and removing and putting back the CMOS battery. What more can I do to test if my motherboard is dead?
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  1. Did you you just buy a used motherboard? Was it working before?
  2. Yeah it's used. I bought it off eBay. The guy said it was "tested". But who knows what he did to it.
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    New build on a 5 year old mobo? I'm going to assume this motherboard was purchased used. The best way to troubleshoot a motherboard is by "breadboarding" it. Disconnect everything from the motherboard, leaving only ram and CPU/heatsink and speaker connected. Add both power connectors, turn on power supply. Arc the two power pins on the motherboard (usually labelled pwr_+/pwr_-). See if your CPU fan comes on and you get a "good POST" signal of one beep (may take up to 30 seconds for the beep). You can keep your monitor plugged in for this - there should be an accompanying screen saying no OS found.
  4. Tried this just now. It's still not posting. However, I don't have a speaker, so I couldn't get any beep feedback.
  5. Beep should have come from the mobo itself
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