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Hi, building a new low-mid range gaming com! but quite confused about the PSUs, how do you know how much power do you need for the whole rig to work smoothly?

Here's the setup for my new rig!

MB - Gigabyte Z68xp-UD3

HDD - 1 x 500gb 16mb seagate, 1 x 1tb 32mb seagate

memory - corsair vengeance 1600mhz CL9 8GB

GPU - EVGA GTX560 1024mb GDDR5 (should i get the superclocked for this since it's only $10 more?)

SATA DVD writer - ASUS DRW-24B3ST 24x DvDRW

ATX Case - CM HAF RC-922 Mid Tower w/side Window

PSU - ?? was considering CM GX650W but heard some negative reviews on it. I've received advice that 550W is enough to run my setup smoothly?

Also if anything is wrong with my rig or if any suggestions on alternative components which would give equal results at a cheaper price do suggest! (:

also just another question, regarding the case, if the MB supports 8 USB slots, does the case have anything to do with the number of USB slots? the MB has 8 slots but the case only supports 4?

thanks for your help guys! (: appreciate it! :)
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  1. EDIT: Are you looking at a 560Ti GPU or a 560? (I presumed 560Ti for this post since its the "card of choice usually")

    500w PSU is enough for a single GTX560Ti. 650w wont hurt though :)

    Anything from: Corsair, XFX, Antec, SeaSonic, Enermax are usually all solid choices. CoolerMaster PSU's tend to be avoided other than their SilentPro range which i believe actually got some good reviews.

    USB Slots - If the MB says it supports 8 USB slots that probably means it has 8 built onto it. The case then supports 4 (has 4 usb slots built into it). These 4 will connect to two USB front panel headers on your motherboard (2 on each).

    GPU - SuperClock, or not to SuperClock.....well the 560Ti is a very resilient card and is very easy to overclock using MSI AfterBurner. Its probably a better option to just save $10 and do it yourself. The only reason to spend more on a GTX560Ti would be for the extra cooling (2 fans rather than 1) like the Gigabyte and MSI models. This keeps the card running cooler and quieter.
  2. werner123 said:
    Hi, get the corsair cx600 V2 make sure it's the version 2 model, it's very good and won't break the bank here is a review of the cx430 V2

    Always get a big enough PSU to allow for some breathing room for future upgrades otherwise you will be looking at a new PSU every time you upgrade.

    A 600w wont really allow any "upgrade path" for that build. Another GPU in SLI would require 750w+
  3. If there's no plan to SLI, save some money on a cheaper non-SLI-ready motherboard :) and stick with 500-550w PSU for best value for money.

    Gigabyte z68 $99:
    Enermax Tomahawk 500w $50:
    Enermax Review:
  4. hey guys! thanks for all the help!

    the shops around me dont really carry many models from the other type, they seem to be supporting CM more? but I was thinking of getting the Enermax NAXN 600W 80+, is it recommended?

    also, i was looking at the 560 and 560Ti, the shop sells the Ti at $90 more than the normal 560, but i found from,2944.html
    that the 560 is quite close in performance to the 560Ti, so i was wondering if the $90 difference is worth it for the 560Ti?

    thirdly, yup i wont be doing SLI, not in the near future anyway (due to budget constraints xD) (: so i think i'll be getting a non-SLI ready motherboard as suggested! (:

    finally, just to check i find 2 USB ports on the case to be too little for my everyday usage, considering that i'm reusing my mouse and keyboard which uses USB plus the need for my external harddrive and charging of phone and all! so just to ask, how do you add more USB slots into the case? or any suggestions for a case which supports more USB slots?

    though I'm curious, does the rear panel of most cases not always come with about 4 USB slots and other I/O ports like the monitor connection port, speaker audio port?

    thanks all for your help again! (: appreciate it!
  5. Yes without a doubt get the Ti version.

    Enermax make very good quality PSU's.

    Where are you buying from? What country? What websites? Would really help if you included links to components you plan on purchasing.

    The motherboard you listed in your first post has 8 USB ports on the motherboard (rear I/O panel) and can support 6 on the case. (you cant really mod them onto the case yourself, just buy a case with more USB ports if you need them). Your keyboard and mouse will plug into 2 out of the 8 on the back, that leaves 6+2 on your case. How many more do you need?
  6. Hi yup okay!

    here's the link to the website price list and parts, it's PDF.

    it's known to be one of the better shops around! (i.e. not the others that scam your money and give you not the parts that you asked for)

    I'm from Singapore!

    Thanks again (:

  7. mystikalneon said:
    Hi yup okay!

    here's the link to the website price list and parts, it's PDF.

    Its like ordering from a food take-away menu!
  8. exactly! but i gotta go down and buy though! kinda like the fact that they give the prices :) as compared to other shops which dont tell u the price till the very end! :fou:

    oh i was looking at the case, i know the MB supports 8 USB slots, i was just wondering on the case, because this case costs $159, i was thinking of getting the Thermaltake commander MS-I case, which costs $89.

    Am i right to say that the front panel usually has 2 USB ports and generally the rest of the USB ports would be on the rear of the case?
  9. Best answer
    The front panel basically means anything on the case. If the case has 2 USB ports, thats the same as saying 2 front panel USB ports. If the case has 4 usb ports, thats the same as saying 4 front panel USB ports.

    As long as the case is big enough for your build (mid-tower or full-tower ATX) just get whichever you like best that fits into your budget :)

    Personally on my own PC my case (CM Storm Scout) has 4 front USB ports, but the only thing i ever plug in is my iphone charger cable. Everything else like mouse, keyboard, headset ect is all connected round the back using the motherboard USB ports. Its nice to have 1-2 spare around the front though in case i ever need to quickly plug in a USB stick or external HDD.
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  11. I see! okay (:

    thanks for all the help again! really learnt quite a bit! (:
  12. No problem :) Here to help! ~most of the time :D
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