Msi 6970 twin frozr

anyone have issues with this card? im not sure if i got a bad one or if the lot are crappy
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  1. yes i installed updated drivers. in witcher 2 geralt goes halfway into the ground while walking in areas with soil but it doesnt happen on rock or wood and crysis 2 randomly crashes usually during mp or real intense action in sp
  2. check your ram
  3. they are retail and i have 8gb of ram. im not gonna buy a 400 if i cant afford retail games
  4. Cpu is 2500k psu cm 1000w mobo p67 asrock ex. 4
  5. well i manually turned up the fans and witcher seems to be working ok havent tried crysis yet but im gonna here shortly. after around an hour of playtime is when it would happen in game and ive played for 3 hrs twice without incident so ya maybe it was over heating
  6. well it happened again in witcher. idk, i give up. i guess ill never be able to enjoy it which sucks because it has the makings to be the best story driven rpg ive played. whatever i dont care anymore
  7. Is your CPU overclocked? I'd imagine a physics problem is what would cause you to fall through the world. This is more likely a CPU problem rather than a graphics one.
  8. no i havent gotten around to overclocking yet and the fan is at 85% and already sounds like a jet in my room. at 100% it would be so loud that i wouldnt be able to enjoy the game anyhow. anyway in the pc gaming section i had asked about if anybody was having the same problem and one guy with a 6970 reference card said when he overclocked it he had the same problem. so im thinking about just reading up on 590gtx and possibly getting it if i can get $300 out of my card on ebay.
  9. My case is coolermaster storm sniper so I should be getting plenty. 3 200mm fans 1 120 mm and option for another 120mm on bottom. Do you think it would help if I put it in and if I did should it be for intake or exhaust? I always have the case fans on high and temps in my house are 73
  10. I find it more likely the thermal pads that are over the vram or vrm's are not quite on right causing them to overheat, rather than the GPU. The twin frozr has great cooling for the GPU, their weak point is the VRM and VRAM cooling. You might just RMA it.
  11. How long does that usually take?
  12. Well I got everything off newegg and I can only exchange with them the first month
  13. Well, any help?
  14. well what if i put the Swiftech MCW82 Waterblock on my card? if its just overheating i'd rather look into watercooling since i plan to eventually anyway. i really dont wana deal with rma and its not like every game i have is ******* up just crysis and witcher but i guess those are the most demanding ones i have, and will have no comparison until rage or bf3. do you think a watercooling solution will solve this?
  15. well what if i sell it on ebay and get 6990 with watercooling or a 590 gtx. i will be buying reference this time, f!$^ msi and their crappy card. which is better and isnt there adapter plates for coolers to fit different cards? a moderator on here said there was but im not sure where to get one
  16. you know, could it be my case? it has a mesh side maybe airflow is non-existant
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    Dude.. newegg is AMAZING with their RMA's. In my experiences at least. Just do an online rma, speak to them thru online chat and they will give you a preprinted ups label for free and waive the restock fee. If you ask nicely enough, they can even do a temporary credit to the original form of payment for you so you can buy a new card and have it sent to ya.

    go to and sign up for the free trial (you can cancel it anytime before 1 month so you don't get charged) and get free 2-day shipping. You will be fine, no need to spend more money on something you don't need. Just freaking get a new 6970 or a gtx570
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  19. well i sold the 6970 on ebay and now have 2 evga 570s in sli. one performed almost as good fps wise and all problems with the games i had before i dont have anymore. the second card i got today makes a loud sound like the fan is hitting something but goes away after 5 min. should i be worried and rma or will it go away possibly?
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