Mobo for gaming that support sli and crossfire

Hey guys can anyone suggest me a good mobo with 1155 socket for gaming that support sli and crossfire?
My Budget limit is 80-100€ and I want to buy it from: and
Thanks to all in advance :)
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  1. So thats around....$100-$130 usd ? what processor; amd/intel?

    edit: Nevermind lol i missed the 1155 part of your question any intel processor you have in mind?
  2. Intel i5 3750 or 3550 planning on take a 7950 hd, but want sli support too.
    Yes usd budget is right :)
  3. Thanks for your help, hope them are fine for gaming ;)
  4. No prob. Check out,3254.html

    The article says sub-$160 motherboards but it has a few that are within your budget :D
  5. Thanks for the link :)
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