Windows xp will not connect to internet after reboot

I installed a wirelless network card in my xp machine in my office. It connects to a broadband router in the lounge room on another Vista Ultimate machine (my wifes computer). Everytime I reboot my xp machine (for whatever reason icluding updates) it says that the internet is not available and I have to run a diagnostic. I have disbaled the onboard LAN but still the diagnostic returns with I have both wireless and and LAN and to chose one. I chose wireless but still cannot conect. I have to reboot the broadband router to finally connect to the Internet. This is becoming tiresome. There must be a solution without upgrading my office machine to Vista or W7.
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  1. What model router do you have? And I have to ask, are you sure it's a router and not just a modem with a wireless connection built in?
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