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Ey guys..

I had another post but no1 could answer my question so i'm trying again.

I am looking for a new set of memory as certain things came in and my original choice fell through.

i was looking at the Corsair 16GB 2modules 1600kit XMS3

You guys know a better one or think this one is good? (as it has less cooling then the vengeance or dominators on the market, but it has a 11-11-11-30 CAS)

btw... i'm looking for multi tasking, game modding and probably overclocking, and offcourse high and gaming.

using a maximus v formula motherbord
a Nvidia GTX690
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  1. Vengance, even the low profile stuff uses higher quality memory modules than the XMS does. GSkill Ripjaws is equal in quality to Vengance. The XMS is not bad but if the price is close I would get Vengance or Ripjaws.

    Quite a bit cheaper and lower cas latency ( faster ) to boot.

    Edit. That heatspreader is still low enough it will fit under any aftermarket cooler so you don't have to worry about clearance.
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