Is this a GPU problem?


So I've recently built a new system (essentially); replacing the PSU, GPU, MOBO, CPU and hard drive, but a problem has started to arise.
The symptoms of the problems are as follows: The screen will flicker black followed by a notification on the toolbar that "the display driver has stopped responding and has recovered", after this I will notice strange pink/purple dots on the screen and a possible freeze will then soon follow, especially if I attempt to open a program.
I can go a day or two without this problem actually occurring, but sometimes it will go on for up to an hour. Very frustrating!

The card is still under warranty and so my question is simply if this is typical of a GPU hardware problem type thing?

GPU: Gigabyte GTX 560ti super overclock (drivers are updated)
Mobo: Asus P8P67Pro
CPU: Intel Core i5 2500
PSU: Antec 750w High Current Gamer
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  1. I've seen similar problems in the past after formatting/re-assembly of my systems. I'd check CPU and GPU temps to see if anything seems out of the ordinary there. You may consider, if your old PSU has enough power to run the new card, plugging that in to check if the new one may not be running well (its definitely enough power, but that could be another problem source since its new as well). You may also want to peek around in BIOS to see if anything is out of the ordinary there either, downclocked RAM or CPU, odd PCI-E settings, etc.

    I can't remember the exact circumstances this occured for me under, but I did fix it with a bit of random troubleshooting and double checking of connections.
  2. Thanks for the reply and suggestions!
    CPU and GPU temps are normal, and being that the problem can occur when idle I can't imagine temps being the issue here. Unfortunately my old PSU does not have enough power and BIOS is all a bit foreign to me :(
    I'm still pretty focused in on the card thinking it may be faulty in some way, but want to be sure if I'm going to send it back. I have asked the local computer dude around our area and he too thought the GPU was faulty. I guess because the problem is hard to replicate, and because I myself am not sure if it is definitely the problem, I'm worried I'll send it back and they'll say it's fine (charging me for their time).
  3. This is a problem with your GPU. When did you buy your GPU ? Did you experience this problem before ?
  4. Anyway you can get a hold of another card from a friend? Or try your card in someone else's PC?

    If not, you should call in the warranty on the video card.
  5. Gman - I bought the GPU on the 3rd of May this year. The problem didn't really appear until some time after that, but has been getting worse, or at least seems that way. I did not experience the problem before I bought the card and PSU (I bought these two before the others).

    uber - It's near impossible to replicate the problem. It 'can' go days without anything showing up and then once again, out of nowhere, it happens.
  6. As uber suggested, if you have a spare unit or a friend who's willing to help you out, you can check completely if its your GPU related issue and hence you'll have a witness too. :D
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