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Considering an upgrade

Hello, currently I have an AMD rig with a 555BE (unlocked x4 b55) running at 4.1ghz but am considering rebuilding with an intel 2500k and a gen3 z68 mobo. I need to reinstall my OS anyways to put it on an ssd and was thinking about upgrading so I could sort of future proof my rig.

I realize that the performance increase I get with the 2500k wont be much but I wanted to switch from amd to intel and I think that would be the best deal cpu to do it with. Should I go ahead and make the switch or is it not worth it? Also I'm getting a mobo that will support Ivy Bridge, if I do decide to make the upgrade should I buy the 2500k or something cheaper and just wait for IB?

Any advice is greatly appreciated :p
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  1. I believe if going to I5 2500K it would still be a noticeable upgrade
  2. Hmm. Do you think I'd get a much better deal if I waited to switch to Intel after IB comes out, or is the value of the 2500k pretty good as it is for me? (Considering I'll have to buy a new mobo/ram as well)
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    If I had to guess then IB is going to be more expensive and the 2500K is a great value for the money.
  4. Okay, thanks for the advice
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