Corrupt MBR, Missing Partition Table etc.

When I was switching my harddrive the former boot-able disk (A Quantum Fireball ST 6,4 GB) suddenly became unboot-able and complained something like: "NON BOOT DISK!". When I booted from a diskette, the disk was detected but inaccessible. Fdisk told me that the drive didn't contain any partitions (it contained two before, one at 1,5 GB and the other with the rest of the disk space).
I think the system told me something about the Master Boot Record and I tried to recreate it with fdisk /mbr but it just made me see one partition containing all available disk space and the drive was still inaccessible. What shall I do to access the data written on the disk? Is there any software available?

Thanks Magnus
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  1. Install this HDD in a working PC and try to use a Partition Magic on it. Maybe it'll help ...
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