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Dear folks,

Recently I have moved in with my girlfriend into a new flat, taking with me my gaming desktop PC. Unfortunately, while it is possible to connect my computer via wires to the network it requires me to lead them through several rooms. For a time I have been using a usb WiFi adaptor, which was sub-par and died last night. Hence I am looking for a new desktop wireless adaptors (prefferably internal with an external antenna) which would allow me , when well configured to play my games with the best speed and reliability possible. However I do not want to spill out hundreds of pounds for a solution that I will need only for several weeks.

My network router/modem is the BT Home Hub (sadly) broadcasting on N band. (does not support 5ghz)
My main use for the connection will be gaming FPS & MMORPG.
Currently I am looking at Edimax EW-7728In & 7722In with external antennas but would like to enquire what the local community thinks will be the best solution to my situation.

P.S. Additionally if anybody knows a way to give priority to one wireless device over others connected to the same network, I would be much obliged.
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  1. Also I wanted to ask, how significant of a difference really exists between various adapters?

    Will there be any noticable difference between one of the Edimaxes I have mentioned or a a cheap Abit Airpase:
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