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Hi everyone,

I bought a new Samsung RC520 laptop. I logged in fine and started to install virus software, applications, windows updates etc.
In between all this I had to reboot for the installations to be completed with no problems.

I then installed more window updates (office 2010) followed by a reboot. From this point on wards when I power the laptop on it will get as far as the Windows logo screen and then goes into a black screen. If I leave it for 5 minutes the mouse arrow appears but still black screen. :)

I tried booting into

Safemode, last know configuration, Enable low-resolution video (640×480)" startup but still get the black screen.
Ran the repair from the Windows 7 disc.
Can't do a system restore as the laptop is so new it hasn't created one yet, doh!
Tried plugging it into an external monitor and still black screen on laptop.

I have now run out of ideas and I'm desperate to get this fixed. I hope someone can help with this problem.
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  1. Have you tried going into safe mode, remove the video driver, reboot, go into Windows and reinstall a different driver version?
  2. Hi, thanks for the quick response.

    If I try to go into safemode I still get the black screen. I pretty much cant get into Windows with out getting the black screen.
  3. Then the only 2 other things you could do would be to edit the files in command prompt mode or reinstall Windows. It sounds like as soon as the video driver is called it is hanging for you.
  4. Thanks guys.
    Who would think a brand new laptop can give out so many problems. Will see if there is a way for me to do that as am still stuggling to even log in to do anything.
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