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Could someone please help me. I have a system and i have recently discovered it has been trying to boot up from the CD/DVD. Or at least i think!. Basically on start up it took 20 seconds or so and there was a clicking which i thought was the harddrive or my new graphics card. However last night it came up with a boot disk error and after unplugging harddrive and then plugging it back in it magically worked. But i then discovered it was the CD/DVD drive scanning on start up. however having gone into bios settings the first boot device is set as harddrive, so im very confused. How do i stop this?
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  1. Hi

    I have just tried what you have said and i have had no luck. the cd drive is already to set to slave and its an ide connector with only one ide connector on motherboard. the harddrive is a sata connection. i have put that into sata 1 slot. its a mystery!!! lol
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