9600gt or Intel HD3000?

I have a 2600k and a 9600gt laying around. Which would get me better system performance, HD 3000 or the 9600gt 1 gb?
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  1. 9600GT.

    The 9600GT is more powerful than the Radeon HD 4670, but less powerful than the HD 5670.

    The Intel HD 3000 is equivalent to a Radeon HD 5450.
  2. i have intel i5 2500k and using intel hd 3000 for games i am truely telling you it sucks...it even lags on the games like bf3 or nfs run on low settings and low resolution buy a graphic card and 9600gt is an average gamin card for now games
  3. Yea I would go with the 9600GT myself. While our graphics are improving they still aren’t to the point of that I would think of them as anything but backup graphics for a serious gamer. Now if you are a business, general user or heck even doing some low end video editing the Intel HD 3000 Graphics may be a solid option for you.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  4. Well the 9600GT by far i had many of these SLI and stand alone but I will tell you these days it is quite underpowed it has 64 shaders and the middle of the road card now, 550Ti has 192 so this should let you see how this will perform on newer games...

  5. Not many people have those two things just laying around , put them in your computer and get some use out of them. The 9600gt will give you much better performance that an intergrated chip , almost any discrete card will do that by the way.
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