Motherboard 24pin connector not working?

Hi, i just purchased a new motherboard and it appears that the 24 pin power connector isnt working. it isnt the psu since i tested it in another pc. the motherboard i have is the asrock h77 pro3/mvp. is there anyway to fix this besides returning it? thanks in advance.
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  1. Hi

    What do you mean it is not working? You cannot boot up your pc?
  2. If it new, i would go back to seller and ask for replacement.. it more simpler and save much headache trying to fix the problem...

    the longer u spend before ask for replacement, usually more hesitant the seller...

    Except u not sure it was the mobo that fail... can u describe the problems?
  3. the problem is that if i plug the psu into the motherboard nothing happens. i didnt put it in the case yet for this exact reason since it would a be pain to get back out. i didnt fry the board since i put it directly on the box that it came in and grounded my self before handling it. i did the old paper clip trick and the psu went on, no problem. i double checked everything to make sure it was in right and everything was.
  4. No lights at all? You also have the supplemental power plug in and RAM is installed, and there is a fan plugged into the CPU_FAN header?
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