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I live in China and got no one to send all this stuff to in the states, so I'm using a couple Chinese sites to pick everything up. I got 1500 American for it, which is around 10,000 RMB. I am about 10,200 RMB right now, but I just want to make sure that everything checks out.

The goal: Gaming, never overclocked but if it extends the life of it, I'm open to it.

The budget: 1,500 American, about 10,000 RMB. I got to start from scratch, but I'd like to trim and save where I can.

MOBO - Asrock 华擎 P67 Pro3 SE (Socket 1155 Intel P67 ATX) - 799 RMB -

MEMORY - G.SKILL(芝奇)DDR3 1600 8G(4G×2条) - 389RMB -

CPU - Intel i5-2500K - 1569 RMB -

CPU Cooler - lerMaster V6 RR-V6SV-22PR-R1 - 379 RMB -

GPU - Unika GTX580 - 2999 RMB -

CASE - HAF X - 1469 RMB -

PSU - Antec EA650 Green - 599 RMB -

HDD - WD Black 640G - 499 RMB -

SSD - Not Interested ATM

OPTICAL - Samsung DVD Burner - 98 RMB -

OS - On Old Hardrives

MONITOR - AOC I2340VE 23 Inch LED IPS - 1199 RMB -

MOUSE - Logitech MX18 -199 RMB -

KEYBOARD - Random Cheapo? - 100 RMB -

INTERNET ADAPTER - USB 300M Adapter (?) - 38 RMB(???) -

Only things I'm worried about is enough power, if the video card is too off-brand, or if the screen will crumple upon first go around. Also, can I throw my laptop's hard drives in here?

Any and all advice would be appreciated! Sorry for conversion headaches in advance!
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  1. It is all compatible and your PSU is able to handle it. Putting in an old harddrive with OS needs a minimum a repair install. Laptop drives can be fitted with adapters for desktops.
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