Best ATI drivers for 5870s in crossfire


Will appreciate it if anyone can present objective documentation of which driver is best for gaming with 5870 in crossfire. 11.6 or earlier versions? Games: Call of Duty, Brink, Metro 2033, Homefront, Crysis etc.

And if anyone can give advice on the best tweaks of these crossfire cards, it would be great!

Finally an off topic question: read articles published in the Steam forum where users said it was unnecessary to tweak Windows 7 since they claimed this OS was already good enough and tweaks may mess it up. Is that true?
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  1. I had the least amount of issues with my 5850 cards in crossfire using drivers right around the 10.2 or 10.3 release. After that, it was downhill. Once driver release 11.3 dropped, I was convinced to trade my AMD cards away for an SLI setup.
  2. Im on ccc 10.10, thats the one working best for me with xfx 5870 crossfire. Just make sure you uninstall previous version properly, so that you get rid of everything from the previous one..
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